100% South Australian owned and operated solar company.


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100% South Australian owned and operated

BetFiery Cassino are a 100% South Australian owned and operated company catering to the local community, supplying and installing solar systems across Adelaide. Our reputation is built on our rich experience and reliable service. We provide custom-designed solar systems to suit the individual requirements of our clients.

Why choose BetFiery Cassino?

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Custom solar power systems also available

Why use solar panels & solar energy?

Solar energy is a renewable and clean energy source harnessed by the sun. Free energy is the best renewable, eco-friendly, source of energy there is on our planet. It is carbon emission-free. Moreover, it doesn’t use big pollution-emitting power stations. Furthermore, once a solar power system is installed, it costs virtually nothing to generate electricity.

You need solar panels if you:

Whether you are a homeowner building a new house or a landlord looking to lease one, whether you are a small business owner looking for a solar panel for your shop or are a commercial establishment owner wanting to get a renewable energy solution – BetFiery Cassino has a solar power system for you!

* Savings will vary dependent on location and weather conditions but some of our clients have achieved savings of $3,000.00 annually. T/c’s apply. Call for more details.

Solar energy that will pay for itself within 3 years!

Unbelievable benefits, limited time offer:

Greg was very helpful explaining every single detail about the system and comparing different panels and inverters


Very friendly and capable. Surely a 5 star rating for Jason!!! Plus Daniel at the initial stage was also very good! Understood my requirement and catered accordingly


The installers showed up on time, the job was done in about 7 hours (25x315W Seraphim Blade panels and a Fronius Symo 6.0 inverter)


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